Beds of stones for the garden: the best ideas and decor tips from landscape designers

Small flower beds along the fence

Small composition along the fence

Lately it has become urgent to decorate their portions of flower beds, flower beds and alpine slides. More often garden They are used for recreation, so the site should look well-groomed and pleasing to the eye. For create beautiful flower beds can be used natural materials, for example, will look good stones. But in order to get the desired effect, you need to know some of the nuances and features a choice of materials.

Create a border using boulders

Create a border using boulders

Posh landscaping

Posh landscaping

Sea pebbles are often used for decoration of flower beds

Sea pebbles are often used for decoration of flower beds

Border of sea stones laid out in three rows

Border of sea stones laid out in three rows 

Fundamental rules

When you create flower beds need not be applied similar in appearance and size of the stones. The combination of different types can create an original focus, but the general style decision of the whole area must be maintained. There are general methods:

  • place the flower needed so that it does not interfere, and the feast for the eyes. You can select a location in the center of the area or along the blank wall;
Beds made of stone are gaining popularity again

This design once again gaining popularity

The spacious garden with decorative walkways

The spacious garden with decorative walkways

  • pick up vegetation necessary, given similar conditions for healthy living and flowering, some of them like a shadow, others may not, without the sun's rays;
  • take into account the need and demand for water, and the size and other properties of the plant;
  • easier to create a large flower bed, rather than a few small, but the number and appearance depends on design solutions in all the garden.
Threaded flower

Threaded flower

Stone bed can replace summerhouse, if you place it in the center of the garden. Little bright and decorate a place near fence and not interfere with walks or hiking.

formation beds

To make the flower garden, you can use a different material. This may include the following options:

  • The porous limestone structure accounts for its application. Cracks are filled with earth and then planted the plants. It is well-behaved algae and moss.
  • Due to the decorative appearance of the flower beds are often used basalt.
Decorative bed of solid stone piece

Decorative bed of solid stone piece

  • Quartzite has a large palette of colors and a smooth surface. He is able to sparkle in the sun, it looks wonderful.
  • Sandstone has many shades from gray to red. But it is necessary to take into account the time that is short-lived rock.
  • The ability to delaminate slate plate used in a landscape design. It can be green, blue and even purple.
Yellow flowers will add brightness to your landscape

Yellow flowers landscape give brightness

  • Tuff refers to the limestone rocks with him planted twine and ground cover plants.
  • In spite of the beautiful appearance, granite less likely to use to create a flower garden, because it can acidify the soil.
  • The accumulation of round-shaped stones of different sizes, peeled water, called pebbles.
Pebbles will help design your garden to make a compelling

Shingles - a spectacular element of the decor for the garden

  • Ornamental stone, dolomite will adorn any garden.
  •  For fencing flower gardens often use white or red brick.
Borders of flower beds of brick

Borders of flower beds of brick

For the formation of flower beds you can take some large stones around them to place smaller items. Furthermore, additional materials. Drainage will provide gravel, sand or gravel. Mulching is necessary to create a comfort to plants, and it can provide peat or bark.

How to create a flower garden stone?

One option is to create a flower bed, which is decorated with a stone border, but solid look high, solid beds. To do this, lay several layers of stones to the desired height of the wall.

Start of construction is due to the foundation. With the help of string and pegs mark a location for future flower beds. Along the perimeter to dig a trench depth of 30 cm, the width should coincide with the size material. It is possible to remove the ground plane across the plane of the flower bed. At the bottom of the ditch trail roofing material or plastic film, on top of which begin to pour the concrete foundation.

Construction beds without a foundation

Construction without a foundation

Laying stones


When the foundation is completely dry, you can begin to lay the stones. To create a flower bed on the concrete base - is not a prerequisite. The trench can be laid geotextile and covered with sand by a third, which laid out the large boulders.

The irregular shape of natural stones makes the complexity of installation. Clearances have to fill the land, which must be tightly ram. When the stones become stuck halfway out of the trench, it is the base of the structure.

The irregular shape of natural stones will make your building more original

The irregular shape of natural stones will make your original construction

Next, a solution for masonry. If the bed is being built on a concrete foundation, make a hole for drainage. The solution was applied on the inside, to keep the effect of drywall. Once the cement has dried, it is sprayed on the sealant surface. It prevents the occurrence of cracks at the joints.

After 7-10 days, when the solution is completely hardens, you can begin to fill the insides of buildings, that is, to fill the soil in which plants are planted.

At a height of 60 cm can be laid brickwork rows dry method. In this case, you must carefully choose stones in shape in order to minimize the gaps between them.

Differences from the rock garden or rockeries

Motley rockeries make your site irresistible

Rockeries - a motley composition of rocks and plants

curbs not require rigorous material selection, unlike alpine slides. Also rockery It should remind mountainous and consist of plants that have well-developed roots. For selection of beds available plants subject to the rules listed above.

Yellow flowers will help get rid of depression

Yellow flowers will help get rid of depression

Beautiful composition of sea pebbles

Effective compositions of sea pebbles

For rockeries need to breed different sizes, in addition, it is placed symmetrically and naturally. Flower Garden also laid out in accordance with the rules of geometry - exactly.

selection of plants

Alyssum not only decorate your garden, but also fill it with a pleasant scent

Alyssum not only decorate your garden, but also fill it with a pleasant scent

Keep in mind that the tall plants should be placed in the middle and low - on the edges of flower arrangement. On the raised flower beds and lush plants better. Natural fabrics warms up quickly and give off their heat at night. In addition, they are able to retain a moisture and release it gradually, feeding the plants.

This method limits the planting plants from insects and pests. The composition looked naturally and beautifully, you need a well thought out design, it should be taken into account:

  • Palette combination, shape and height of the plants;
  • The same conditions for maintenance;
  • flowering time.
Luxurious garden of exotic plants

Luxurious garden of exotic plants

How to care?

Despite the diversity of the natural material and the difference between the surfaces of options, it is impossible to avoid contamination, rain and scorching sun, because the structure is located in the open.

In order that the material does not absorb dirt and moisture, it can be treated with hydrophobic compounds, which are specially designed for this purpose. Soaking of such substances, the surface is strengthened and its color becomes brighter and more saturated.

Creating a landscape design on your site, it should be understood that for the attractive appearance of the need to timely and regular maintenance.

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